Genre Transformation – The Homeless and The Mentally Ill



Part 2 – Different Views on The Homeless and Mental Illness

This is the second part of this series. For the first part, click here.

There are several organizations and people who are writing about homeless people with mental illness and how this issue can be resolved or even prevented in the United States.

Nancy Vogel

Nancy Vogel is an independent Mental Health Care Professional. Nancy Vogel has produced Housing the Mentally Ill and Chronically Homeless: An Effective Solution, Read More

PART 4 – Call to Action!

This is the fourth part of this series. For the first part, click here.

What Should the Government Do?

The United States legislature should work with the homeless suffering from a mental illness in order to help them live their lives without any more difficulties. The United States Legislature should provide better care and facilities for the homeless who are suffering from a mental illness of some kind.

Step 1: Create Permanent Housing

The United States government should create subsidized housing for the mentally ill Read More

Issues and Controversies Surrounding Homelessness


As homelessness continues to increase in the United States, so do the issues and controversies related to it. Because homelessness is a very broad issue, many people have different opinions regarding how the issue should be handled and/or resolved. Some may believe that it’s simply morally adequate to help those who are homeless and some may think that homeless people are homeless because of their own specific reasons. Read More


The website, “National Coalition for the Homeless” is a credible website because the website is written by credible authors, the information is accurate, and is overall reliable and credible.


The National Coalition for the Homeless is a network of those who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness in the past.The author’s/creator’s names are fairly easy to find on the website. Michael Stoops, Megan Hustings, and Je’Lissa Fowler are the main creators of the website.The website also lists the creator’s credentials.

Michael Stoops has been working with the homeless since 1972 and he was also a founding board member of the National Coalition for the Homeless.Stoops is now the Executive Read More

New York City to Add Housing for Domestic Violence Victims by Nikita Stewart


Steven Banks, commissioner of Human Resources Administration, in May 2014.  Hiroko Masuike, The New York Times. Photo from New York City to Add Housing for Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic Violence is one of the leading causes of homelessness that causes many families to fall apart, forcing them to leave their home and live out on the streets. Nikita Stewart, an investigative reporter for The New York Times, wrote, “New York City to Add Housing for Domestic Violence Victims,” published in 2015 on The New York Times. Nikita Stewart has written many articles that revolve around the issue of homelessness. In her article, Nikita Stewart argues that although domestic violence has been causing many people, especially women and children, to live out on the streets, the city has been lacking in providing services for several years now in New York. Stewart begins establishing the credibility of Read More

The Leading Causes of Homelessness



San Francisco Public works employees are accused of seizing shopping carts and assaulting people. Robert L. Terrell photo. Photo from A Legal Challenge to Cruel Attacks on Homeless People in San Francisco

Although, we may think we know why a person ended up spending their day and night out on the cold streets, we really just don’t know what caused them to live on the streets. We usually just assume that they’re probably just drug addicts or such; however, we don’t understand that they might even suffer from a mental illness, maybe they were or still are a victim of domestic or sexual violence, or maybe a loss a loved one lead them to depression, or maybe they just could not afford a place to live due to the affordable housing crisis in the city. Understanding the causes that lead a person to become homeless can play a major role in reducing homelessness overall from our community.

Read More